Carpet Installation

Carpet Installers and Repair in Perth

We provide all types of carpeting services like carpet installation, repairs, refitting , rippling, Carpet loose and various other services. We are committed and determined to provide high quality carpeting services to our customer with help of highly experienced and fully trained staff.


Professional Carpet Installation and Repair

As one of the leading carpet supplier in all Perth, we serve high quality and elegant carpets. And with extensive color range, our staff and professional can develop exciting new designer. During installation various factors must be remembered for best decision. With the help of our staffs and their suggestion, you will be able to choose best carpet material best suited for you.


A skilled and experienced personality always installs carpet in your place for a perfect fitting. Airborne Carpet consists various such personalities and is always keen on providing a perfect setup for your place. Every step of carpet installation should be handled by professional till the completion in order to remove every possibility of damaging in the carpet.


 Steps during Carpet Installation :

There are several steps during carpet installation. The first step is basically measuring the room and to be sure of thresholds and doorways. Then prepare the room for installation. Put the under pad down in strips that reach the strips. For actual installation, we start paddling the carpets  from one corner of the room. The carpets will itself secure itself in the tack strip. And after leveling the carpets, trim it against the baseboard and tucking in the space between the wall and baseboard. Then clean it by vacuum cleaner.


It looks easy but it is better if done by professionals. We provide carpet installation service at a very reasonable price. And we guarantee to provide satisfactory installation service in your place. You can contact us for more information.


Our Services

Professional finishing of carpet to tiles or wood you have just installed. This includes new walls or alterations or general laying of your existing carpets.

  • Repairs
  • Re-stretching
  • Re-fitting

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We Specialize In

  • Re-stretching of carpets to eliminate rippling
  • Repairs
  • Invisible Patching
  • Laying of new and secondhand carpets
  • Professional finish to tiles or wood