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Airborne Carpet, one of the leading companies providing highest level of carpeting services in all Perth,Falcon and its surrounding areas. Airborne Carpet has providing services to improve carpets in very reasonable prices. With our 20 years of experience and services, we have strong reputation and trust among our customers and new clients.
With our carpet repairing services, we have been able to provide best solution to every carpeting problems. Carpet re-stretching is one of the best solutions to remove the problems of loose and baggy carpets either on your home or your office. With advance equipment and technology, our specialist can removes buckles of the carpets and largely improvise the looks of your carpets making it good as new.




Professional Carpet Re-stretching Service Guaranteed

With our high standard carpet re-stretching services, We are able to remove various carpet problems such as:
• Bubbled carpets
• Rippled carpets
• Wrinkled carpets
• Carpet bumps
• Carpet waves
• Carpet buckles
• Bulged carpets
• Fix carpet seams
These problems cause carpets to look unsightly and rough. Airborne Carpets remove these problems with our superior carpet re-stretching services and we provide these services in the fraction of prices so that our clients are satisfied.
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Our Services

Professional finishing of carpet to tiles or wood you have just installed. This includes new walls or alterations or general laying of your existing carpets.

  • Repairs
  • Re-stretching
  • Re-fitting

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We Specialize In

  • Re-stretching of carpets to eliminate rippling
  • Repairs
  • Invisible Patching
  • Laying of new and secondhand carpets
  • Professional finish to tiles or wood