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Installing carpets has definitely made your place look more beautiful. It is a common courtesy when something is damage, we try repair by ourselves. But trust us, if you try to repair it on your own you will get nowhere unless you are an expert. We, Airborne Carpets with over 20 years of experience offer affordable carpet repairs service to our customer. We have a team of professional carpet repair specialist year who have many years of expertise.

Most commonly faced carpet problems lumping, iron burns, and loose carpeting. The best solution in order to solve loose carpeting problems is carpet stretching with potential lumps and bumps problems. The carpet stretching  is very time consuming and is very for an owner to do by himself. A simple mistake may ruin the carpet without any chance of repairing. Since this is very time consuming technique it is best if such problems are handled by professional carpet repair specialist.

Carpet damage is classified into minor and major damage. The time needed to repair these damages depends upon the extent of damage on the it. Our repair specialist  always uses professional and latest tools, adhesive and various fibers to bring your damaged carpets in better shape. Our Carpet repair specialist depending upon the material as well as the color of carpets, choose the proper material in order to repair and make it look better as new.


We offer to repair all kinds of other potential damage to carpets such as flood damage, cigarette burns, pet damage, coal burns, dog chews, carpet snags, stains, wrinkle, and spills. Apart from these, we also do patching as well as invisible mending which allows us to removal of fraying carpets or stains that won’t come out. With the help expert, we are able to repair any kind of damage in the first time.


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Airborne Carpets offer to serve high quality carpet repair service on reasonable price and we are here to save our customer’s precious time and money. If you have any queries or any kind of carpet damage, feel free to contact us or hire our repair specialist. We  are always ready to serve our customers.

Our Services

Professional finishing of carpet to tiles or wood you have just installed. This includes new walls or alterations or general laying of your existing carpets.

  • Repairs
  • Re-stretching
  • Re-fitting

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We Specialize In

  • Re-stretching of carpets to eliminate rippling
  • Repairs
  • Invisible Patching
  • Laying of new and secondhand carpets
  • Professional finish to tiles or wood