Carpet Rippling

carpet rippling perth You install carpet in your room in order to give better looks. If the installation  is done by non professional and less experienced personality or company, your carpet may look new and fresh but it short period of time, carpet ripples will begin to appear. It may appear in every room you install or sometimes it appears as a wrinkle in small area. We at Airborne Carpets, provides various repairing services like providing best solution to carpet rippling problems.

It needs very professional techniques and skills as well in order to provide perfect installation and repair of carpet. Carpet Stretching is one of most commonly used repairing technique in order to repair bumps and wrinkles but if not done right it is the major cause for creating ripples and looks hazardous in elderly and infirm.

There are various reason why ripples appear in carpet:

  1. Improper Stretching

One of the most common reason of appearing ripple and humps in carpets is improper stretching. In most cases many installers try to use shortcut or use knee-kicker rather than power stretcher to install carpets. That’s the main reason such problems occur. Our installers are well experienced and we ensure that they use necessary means to solve such problems.

  1. High Humidity

Installation of Carpets is done with tension. The latex materials used in carpets has ability to absorb moisture. This results the latex to expand and cause rippling in it. Sometimes you may have seen ripples occur mostly on humid days and it returns to normal when humid days are over.

    1. De-lamination

when latex material between carpet’s primary and secondary layers break down, it may cause ripples. This is due to defect of latex which cause the rug to disengage from the tackles strip.

Other reasons may be high traffic, dragging heavy furniture, and old age. That’s why contact us if you want to repair ripples that looks hazardous in your carpet.

Our Services

Professional finishing of carpet to tiles or wood you have just installed. This includes new walls or alterations or general laying of your existing carpets.

  • Repairs
  • Re-stretching
  • Re-fitting

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We Specialize In

  • Re-stretching of carpets to eliminate rippling
  • Repairs
  • Invisible Patching
  • Laying of new and secondhand carpets
  • Professional finish to tiles or wood