Carpet Rippling

Carpet Rippling

There are various reason why ripples appear in carpet:

Improper Stretching

One of the most common reasons for ripples and humps in carpets is improper stretching. That’s the main reason such problems occur. Our installers are well experienced and we ensure that they use the necessary means to solve such problems.

High Humidity

Installation of carpets is done with tension. The latex materials used in carpets has the ability to absorb moisture. This results in the latex expanding and can cause rippling in it. Sometimes you may have seen ripples occur on humid days and it returns to normal when humid days are over.


This is where the backing of the carpet separates from the carpet fibre. Other reasons may be high traffic, dragging heavy furniture, and old age. That’s why you should contact us if you want to repair ripples that look hazardous in your carpet.


Airborne Carpets Mandurah - Carpet Rippling


Airborne Carpets Mandurah - Carpet Rippling
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